Cyber Wise - What should you know? Find out on April 29, 2020!

Maggi Keddy

Mom, Student, Woman with a Mission

Maggi Keddy is a mom on a mission. Having grown up in the foster care system she made decisions every single day that could have resulted in her ending up in a sex trafficking ring or going down a very different path. But Maggi made deliberate decisions and now, as an adult studying Cyber Security at NSCC, Maggi’s goal is to put an end to online predators who use the internet to stalk, groom, and grab children, pulling them into a life of human trafficking or ensnaring them in pedophile rings.


Maggi will share her story, and how she’s turning her passion for protecting kids into a career. Maggi will share tips with us around three key areas in the Cyber Security world:

What do you need to consider in order to protect yourself, your business and your children?


A few questions that will be addressed include:

·         Is it safe to save data to the cloud?

·         What would it take to maintain business continuity in a cyber-crisis?

·         What is encryption and how can it protect your data?

·         What programs are available to protect your business data?

·         What do the photos of you tell the world and could it be harmful?

·         Do you know what your kids are engaging in online? How do you monitor this?

Join us on Wednesday, April 29th to network, get inspired, and learn some tips that will protect you in life and business!

Meet the presenter:

Maggi was born into the system, being adopted at the age of 6 months. After the adoption failed when she was just 11 years old, she was moved around between foster homes and group homes until her 19th birthday when she was no longer a ward of the court. Maggi is self-driven and knew she wanted more from life than what she was offered. She has worked hard and decided it was time to write her GED in 2010. Upon succeeding with her GED, she had soon completed two diploma programs, in Computerized Business Management and Administrative Medical Computer.

Maggi has lived and worked in HRM, Truro and White’s Lake.  She is the proud 32-year-old Mom of a handsome son, Julius and a beautiful daughter, Demytra, and is eagerly anticipating a new addition in September.

In 2018 during the Women Unlimited Career Exploration Program, Maggi decided she wanted to learn the skills necessary to protect others, especially those in fragile situations who don't have the strength to stand up for themselves or someone making sure they don't get lured into a life of degradation. She enrolled in the 2 year Cyber Security Program at NSCC and hasn't looked back. Maggi's career is ahead of her, and she's still deciding how she can make the most impact - through employment or as an entrepreneur. Anything to be able to give back to the community that’s helped her get to where she is today.

BWC invites you to meet Maggi, hear her story, and learn from her tips on how to protect yourself, your kids and your business.




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