The Business of your Pelvic Health (in a men's club!)

Dr. Erika Burger


Erika Burger Physiotherapy

Your professional life is important but so is your physical health!  We believe that when you feel good, not only does your business thrive but so does everything else in your life. 

Join us for a night of connecting, learning and discussion on how to best care for your pelvis!  Women of all ages, not just menopausal women, can have issues such as urinary and bowel leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and sexual pain. 

Erika will provide an overview of the pelvis and how the muscles of the pelvic floor are implicated in many bladder, bowel and sexual function disorders, as well as hip and low back pain.  This session will help you to better understand your own body better and learn strategies for what you can do to help your pelvic muscles work optimally.

Is this just about doing my Kegels?  No! You've probably heard of doing your Kegel exercises and maybe your doctor has even told you to do them. They'll certainly be covered in this session but so will so much more...

Join us on Wednesday, February 19th to network, learn, and walk away knowing more about your body than you ever expected to know! The focus of this talk will be on pelvic health which is less widely known by many family doctors.

How this session will work:

If you have a question you'd like to have answered about your pelvic health, write it down before you come and pop it into the question basket anonymously. Our moderator will read the questions in the basket after the main presentation and answers will be shared. Of course you're always welcome to ask a question on the spot but we respect your right to privacy. Just make sure we can read your writing!

Meet the presenter:

Erika has been a physiotherapist since 1995, having worked in many different countries and within many different specializations.  She found her niche of pelvic physiotherapy, after having a particularly pesky pelvis during her first pregnancy in 2006.  Since that time, she has devoted herself to understanding the biomechanics of the pelvic region and how physiotherapy approaches can bring relief for bladder, bowel and sexual function disorders and pelvic, hip and low back pain syndromes.


Erika holds a Masters degree and has completed all but her dissertation of her PhD.  She received the Governor General's Gold Medal as top graduate student and was awarded the prestigious Killam Scholar award.  To advance her manual skills, Erika completed training as a manual osteopath.  Erika has received advanced level certification in the treatment of incontinence, urgency and voiding problems, pelvic organ prolapse, bladder pain syndromes, sexual pain syndromes, ano-rectal disorders, pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy, pediatric urinary and bowel dysfunctions and most recently, treatment of lactation difficulties in both mother and baby.  She treats people of all genders.  Her clinic is an inclusive, supportive and trauma-informed space which focuses exclusively in the treatment of pelvic conditions.




T: 902-478-1928

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