The Uncomfortable Facts

Did you know that:


  • By the age of 50, 1 out of every 2 women will have some form of urinary incontinence?

  • Up to 60% of postmenopausal women will describe vulvovaginal concerns such as dryness and difficulty or pain with intercourse? (These concerns usually start earlier and increase in frequency with age.)

  • 30% or more of postmenopausal women will being experiencing recurrent urinary tract infections, which increase with age as well, requiring repeated antibiotic treatments.


They are not pleasant and nobody likes to talk about them but knowledge empowers you to ask for the help you need. Our June 19th, 2019, session explained these things and more as well as the treatments available to you.

Instead of deleting this page, we wanted to leave it up so you know if you are suffering from some of these things, you are not alone. The more we know about our body, the more power we have to stay healthy and happy.




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