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Doing business after holidays

January 5, 2017

As a business owner taking a holiday is not only fun, it is absolutely necessary.  The stresses of the day-to-day business world can creep up on us and take a toll.  Getting away for a breather, whether that means going to a warmer climate to sit on a beach or simply turning off your phone and internet for a few days to watch "Golden Girls" re-runs, is an important way to recharge your personal batteries. 


The New Year holiday however, tends to lead us to put new stresses on ourselves - setting goals and resolutions that we will check in on over the next few weeks, months, or at year-end.  First, perhaps we've eaten a little too many yummy things over the Christmas and New Year holiday.  This might lead us to join many in setting weight loss goals, pay for expensive gym memberships, and/or suddenly cut our favorite foods and wines off our grocery lists for the next little while.  Those things can cause stress.  The cost of a new membership, if you weren't already paying for one, may or may not be affordable for you or your business right now.  Cutting out your favorite foods "cold turkey" (yes, seasonal pun intended!) may cause us to become irritable, hungry, or cranky. 


Does this mean we should not do these things?  Absolutely not - just do them in moderation and introduce them little by little!  Keep in mind that we don't need to lose all that holiday weight in the first week back to work!  Prioritize, find an exercise buddy to help spur you into action and hold you accountable, take a trial gym membership to see if this gym is the right fit for you, or cut out one or two things from your diet at a time.  Perhaps walk to your office instead of driving, or if you work at home, take 20 minutes over your lunch hour to walk around the block three times to clear your head.  Small steps can lead to big changes. 


Similarly, if you are setting business goals for 2015, keep them small, executable, and manageable.  Find a business buddy who can keep you accountable for the goals you set.  Give yourself credit and celebrate the successes along the way - don't wait for the end result to get excited about your progress.


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