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10 Tips to Make Money and Streamline Processes

10 Tips to Make Money and Streamline Processes 


1. Meditation - Yes, meditation. If you have to much going on in your world/head/part of the world, you won't be able to make rational decisions. Personally, I like to meditate before bed and when I take my bubble baths. There are several different apps available for ISO and Android but my favorite is Calm - you can try it for Free.


2. Learn to say "NO" -  when something isn't on your schedule, UNLESS it's an emergency just say "NO". Each day you have 86,400 seconds. How you use them can determine your success. Make no mistake, there will be times you need to clear your head....when this happens see step #1


3. Stop playing Phone Tag - Say goodbye to phone and email tag. Arrange perfect meeting times with Calendly. It's 100% free,  Allow your customers the convenience of booking a time with you that works with their schedule.  


4. Have a Professional Address - Nothing shows less professionalism than using a Susieshovelssnow@gmail.co email or 123 Donovan Street. With the options available to you please do yourself a favor and pay the extra $5.00 a month to google and get a professional email address that links to your brand. Second, stop using your home address or a made up one. There are virtual office spaces available around Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford for nominal fees that your mail can be sent to, and some even offer receptionist services with your own custom phone number. ****Warning Ask if you Can Port the Phone number if you leave their space if you opt for the receptionist option**** if they say NO...go to Step 5.


5. Stop Giving out Your Personal Cell Number  - Contact your cell phone provider and ask if they offer a Mobile Business Connect Option. For as low as $15 per/month per/line, Telus offers a great option - Telus Business Connect . There is no reason you should be giving out your personal cell phone number in this day and age. Think Safety Ladies!


6. Canadian Accounting Software.- Nothing irks me more that using software from another country that doesn't charge HST. Ladies, you're in business! It's time to start supporting companies that, like you, pay taxes in Canada (plus you can use the write off). I recommend Kashoo.com Receive a 14 day FREE trial. Based out of British Columbia they offer easy accounting software for only $16.65 per/month.


7. Polish your Nails - Just kidding....Instead of having an accounting nightmare trying to reconcile EFT's and your Credit Card. use Paymentevolution.com  and lets' talk HR, and Payroll. All under one roof. Yes, Another Canadian Company for only $22.00 per/month. But wait! They even have a FREE plan for small businesses. One of the only companies that offers T4's and electronic ROE's FREE.


8. Sharpen your Sword - Connect with AWENS "Association of Workplace Educators", OR connect with any business association, depending on where you reside, I'm sure you can find one. Or call them and ask what courses they are offering. Did you know the province of Nova Scotia works with AWENS and various associations to teach business owners skills to succeed. ie:  "Financial Management, Coaching Managers, Legal Essentials for Business Growth and various Social Media Graphics, SEO and design classes. These courses are FREE but you must commit to an 11 week, 3-4 hour class to receive a certificate. Value $4000.


9. STOP - using your Facebook personal page as a business tool to sell to your friends. Time to step up your game and take the time to create a Facebook Business Page, a Linkedin Business Page, Twitter Business Page and so on and so forth.  


10. Tag Everything! - Yes I really mean it. Brand your Car (commercial insurance is required before doing so) brand your apparel or lunchbox...EVERYTHING! So instead of marketing for Michael Kors and Coach, market for YOU and YOUR COMPANY. Brand the kids, dog, every man, woman, and child in your life. It's up to you to grow your business and it all starts with YOU. 


I hope this helps you take your business to the next level. Thank you for reading my thoughts. Now it's time to put plans into action.



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